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Welcome to a JOYFUL realm of Light and Healing.  


"The Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc"

Our deepest wish is for you to experience PROFOUND HAPPINESS by connecting with your higher higher higher self, and recognizing your soul’s purpose.

Shari’s exclusive, handmade Cosmic Healing Discs were hand-crafted with LOVE for the good of humanity and provide you many benefits including:

  • Empowerment & Happiness
  • Clearing Past Life Trauma

    Protecting your field from negative energies

    Enriched cosmic connection

    Amplifying the Light within you

    Repair & restructure broken paradigms

    New neural network pathways

    Create focus & clear intentions

    Removing blocks caused by Love Trauma

    These potent discs have been used by healers worldwide, and are a practical, portable and pretty way to deepen your meditations & accelerate your spiritual journey. Get paired with the perfect disc(s) for YOU today!

    Becoming a Go-To Tool for Healing Practitioners

    & Inspired Individuals 

    Healing Practitioners can use Discs on their Clients to Investigate Illness caused by Past life or Current Life Trauma as this Technology will read the DNA Encoding of the Client by simply placing the disc on the Body, source of discomfort, or exploring work with the Chakras (energy centers) within the Body. 

    4" Magenta Mystery School Upgrade

    Original Designs that Offer Many Ways to Connect: 

    Our discs enhance prayer and meditation by sending out a signal that you are open to communicate with your Angelic Guides. They offer powerful protection from any negative influences.

    These Discs are lenses into another Realm of Consciousness- a place of Love & the Keepers of the 5th Dimension--

    While joining the Pleideans in 5D, you experience an Opening of the Heart, the 5th Chakra. It is the PINK Place where in this ascension process, our hearts have anchored.

    Enlightenment Disc

    For the Beginner to Adept 

    Starseed and StarGate Discs Unlike any other type of Disc these are very Special that allow You to project your mind into Higher Dimensions where you can experience Vastly Different Realities to learn from the Masters on their level of Consciousness.

    The Plieadeans have been telling us for Eons Now that with these Discs Come all the Blessings of the Starseed Races. InJoy Them, Experiment and Grow Exponentially. 

    BRAND NEW! Dichroic Glass Color-Shift Healing Discs

    Dichroic Sri Yantra 3" Disc

    Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs Now Offering 

    Dichroic Glass 

    Color-Shifting Healing Tools 

    The Powerful Dichroic Crystal Color Energies are said to Activate the Third Eye, Crown Chakra, and the Etheric Energy Centers to Gently Ignite Our Innate Abilities, Stimulating Greater Awareness and Heightened Intuition Opening the Minds Eye, becoming a mutual aid 

    between self and others.

    Adding Dichroic Frequencies to Your Daily Healing Practices 

    Allows One to Go Deeply into the "Spiritual Light"

    Offering Immediate Meditative Access


    Healing Benefits of Dichroic Glass

    • Known to Possess Energy of the Moon; Relieves Menstrual Discomfort

    • Will Balance Emotions as well as Hormones Stabilizing Mood Swings

    • Detoxifying the Blood, Strengthening the Immune System

    • Greater Connection to Spirit Guides as it Cleanses & Protects the Aura 

    Time Travel, Working within Dream Time

    & Advanced Exploration

    "Return to Venus" 1st in Series Disc

    Take a Trip and Never Leave the House.


    Meditation is a Valuable Principal to have at this 

    Time in Our Lives. 


    These Discs are the Corrective Lenses 

    of 20/20 2020 Vision. 

    An Important Ally to see Clearly our 

    Individual Path of Purpose. 

    About Shari Lynn the Creator of Your Discs

    Shari Lynn has immense love for all of humanity. 

    Working with her is an incredible experience. 

    Her joyful spirit, combined with her incredible knowledge & understanding of the mysteries of life, make each encounter with Shari one of great peace and enrichment.

    Shari has studied Esoterics for over 35 years with many masters. 

    Please Check Out this Latest Interview with Friend Dylan Louis Monroe

    Very informative & Well Done


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