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Cosmic Sananda Disc

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"This is a Favorite Disc personally for me. Sananda the Hip Jesus. Everyone has a Personal Relationship with Christ and I see this Disc as the Jesus that would be hanging out with me and my friends from our Past life Hippy Days to Our Galactic Future. I am including a website that I find interesting and can see how appling the information given can be a help to some in using this disc. But I am pretty laid back and don't get so technical. So to each their own. Use your discernment but this disc is meant to be one of Personal Connection." -Shari Lynn

Sananda, a Past-life of Jesus or as some would say... the Future

Very Interesting information on this page: (PLEASE USE YOUR DISCERNMENT)

https://www.alienimplantremoval.org/heal ing-team/who-is-lord-sananda

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