Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs   

Power Tools for Lightworkers

6" Rainbow Tribe "Yellow as the Sun" 18kt gold Torus Healing Disc


Absolutely Stunning and Powerful Alignment Tool that not only Helps to Clear

PastLife Traumas but helps You to be IN THE BODY to be Clear as You Emotionally detach and allow to Look at Triggers and remove the Energy from within Your Field. 


Yellow is bright, sunny and energizing. Here are the attributes of Spectro-Chrome yellow, according to “Let There Be Light” by Darius Dinshah:

 Stimulates the motor nervous system which energizes the muscles. Nerve builder for sensory and motor systems.

 Stimulates the lymphatic system. Mild tissue stimulant.

 Stimulates the intestines, pancreas, and production of digestive fluids – .

 Spleen depressant; equilibrator in melancholia, balances areas #6-7 through the portal circulation


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