Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs   

Power Tools for Lightworkers

*BESTSELLER* 6'' 18kt Gold Seed of Life on Expansion Flower of Life

$122.00 $188.00

These 6 inch discs can be used the same as a 3 inch disc, laid on the body, under a healing table, set in a Sacred Space to Clear negative energies, attract wealth, gold works on the central nervous system. One-of-a-kind



EXCLUSIVE These Discs are making a Big Impression on the Healing Community!








Gold is Masculine and Represents the Sun. Gold attracts Wealth, Happiness and offers a sense of comfort. Very spiritual in its own nature, it is magical and alchemical attuning one to nature and offering protection and healing. Gold is known for purification and balancing of Heart Chakra offering amplification of thought forms while dispelling negativity. Gold facilitates the rebuilding of the nervous system and increases brain function. Gold produces energies that is both cooperative and receptive which makes these discs perfect for working in conjunction with other stones and stone grids. These reflective pieces offer movement throughout ones energetic field simply by reflecting light onto the body off the disc. Gold is said to balance energy fields and is most beneficial opening third eye and crown chakra. This Energy Generator is a remover of blockages and has the power to strengthen, amplify and conduct energy throughout the body for treatment of autism, dyslexia, scoliosis, arthritis, skin cancers, blood disorders, vascular and heart disorders and epilepsy.

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