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✨Brand New✨ Lady Nada Rose 🌹 Colored Gel Included Master Disc

Invoking Lady Nada Ascended Master of Self Transformation~ High Priestess of Atlantis~ Divine Healer, Compassionate, Nurturing.

Perfect for connecting with the Higher Self to clear physical karma~ pair this disc with Tuning forks, Crystal Singing Bowls or Essential Oils.

Benefit: A quick clarity which is caring and perceptive. Able to overcome aggression. To be able to change the energy through love

Someone wishing to improve their circumstances. To deepen the love for yourself to be able to communicate what is hidden in the heart.

The giving and receiving of love produces change.

Maybe helpful with dream work and for children who feel threatened.

Issues that may need to be addressed: A need to deal properly with disappointments and so help the mind and body heal. To let go of past problems to find joy.

Lady Nada Ascended Master Disc

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