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Phenomenal! Can’t recommend highly enough! First Impressions- Pink Sophia disc - felt my frequency go up, bliss, like being in a warm, loving cocoon, opened heart, 3rd eye and crown chakras Aquamarine Sophia disc - cool energy, felt relaxed and tension eased in stomach Blue Avalon disc - saw sparks of blue, pink, yellow-green and purple light with eyes both opened and closed upon putting it on my 3rd eye. Later saw soft blue and pink on carpet (carpet is beige) Rainbow Tribe Metatron’s Cube disc - felt warm energy going into arthritic fingers when I aimed it at them! -Alyson Y 

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Wearing the double-sided Sophia full spectrum pendant is like wearing a hug over your heart all day. As a junior high teacher, I have had to deal with a lot of stress over the years from not only students emitting less than positive energy, but even more from other staff members and administrators. The COVID Pandemic has only added fear to an already stressful atmosphere. Wearing this pendant allows me to feel calm and positive the entire day. I can’t imagine ever going to work without it from now on. In fact, all of the discs I have from you have enhanced my distance healing grids in profound ways. Thank you!!!


I just received my disks, and they are incredibly powerful, incredibly powerful, and beautiful. I’ve been looking for these for years, and I’m so grateful to have found you and them.

It’s hard to explain what I felt when I held each one in my left hand, except to say that they tingled, I felt the energy run up to my elbow, I felt dizzy (in a good way), I felt the green ray go exactly to the spots where I was having pain, and that’s the short list.

I ordered more, I just couldn’t help myself. The one that you stare at, where the triangle pops, is especially “special.” That’s all I can say, because it had an interesting effect on me. It opened an audio channel, which was really surprising.

I ordered these, because years ago I received some as a gift, but since they were used by another person, I have a feeling that they weren’t tuned to me. The ones I received today are definitely tuned to me. I can’t thank you enough.

My hands, which are arthritic (the ski poles didn’t come off when I had a ski accident) hurt incredibly less now - I can make a fist - and I only held the discs for a short amount of time - they’re pretty ugly hands, but at least they don’t hurt now - I’ve been typing all day, and they should be killing me by now, and after holding the disks, they don’t.

The spot on my right hand, where the pole ripped my thumb back - the disk or the guardians immediately found that spot - I can’t explain it - I didn’t expect it - and I’m amazed.

I can’t wait for the gel disks!

Thank you for providing such a wonderful gift.

E. Ball- Connecticut 

We really do enjoy our cosmic healing discs. They've magnified our mediation sessions and my disc cures my headaches instantly. They've brought us nothing but a closer sense of peace and serenity. ;)

Thank you so much!

Andy Y


I purchased three 6 inch discs. My first experience on 12/31/2015...woke to the most luscious golden glow that lit up my room. So warm, golden and sparkling. Healing....encouraging love, acceptance and work. Shari Lynn these are incredibly wonderful. I am going to post here every single wonderful experience that takes place when they happen. People if you haven't obtained a disc; you have NO IDEA what you are missing....they align with you and work WHILE YOU SLEEP. Don't listen to a skeptic, get one and find out. I am IN LOVE WITH MY 6 INCH DISCS.......LOVE LOVE LOVE

- Shonene McLaughlin, OH

Manifest with Magic~* These Tools Amplify Your Awareness!

My 6 inch disc arrived today, absolutely in love!

- Brittany Trask, ND

Early this year, I met an amazing woman and had the good fortune to host her in my home for the Tucson gem show. She makes these amazing disks. If you are a Reiki Master - OMGosh - you need some! She has a Reiki Chakra set I lust after. Need a focal to aid your meditation? Need some help manifesting the life you want? Check out her amazing Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs . I have two and my husband Daniel has one. We don't have enough. These unique amazing tools cannot be raved about enough. For all energy users, healers, yoga practitioners, and anyone who meditates. CHECK THESE OUT!

- Paula Randall, AZ

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