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Shari Lynn has been applying the Communication and Transmissions she is Receiving from the Higher Dimensions to Take these Tools to a All-New Heightened Frequency!  

In the Last Two Years the Discs have AccelEd to Unimaginable Heights! The Addition of the DICHROIC Glass has brought a "Spiritual Light" not achieved in the Work of these Tools Before!  Beautiful but Powerful in Assisting the Release of EMOTIONAL TRAUMA! WOW!!! Best Kundalini Activation! Clears the Clogs in the Cogs~*  

SPECTRO-CHROME GELS Proving once again All Healing is Light & Frequency. Now being Used in Salt Caves & On Healing Beds We Put this Technology in the Palm of Your Hand! Go Deeper! 

A Message from the Creator of Cosmic Healing Discs

Shari Lynn

How to Work with the Discs

Time to Dive Deep into Your Multidimensional Consciousness. 

This Beautiful & Progressive Technology will assist you into reaching higher sIt's tates of consciousness when focused intention is applied and aligned with the higher dimensional frequencies of Light using the Full Color Spectrum filtered through a transparent image. 

Any light source will activate the disc. 

Choosing a Disc can be equated to choosing a Crystal as a personal healing piece, we choose it for it's energies and how it feels when in our field. Those properties or it's beauty. 

They are Personal, Practical, Powerful & Portable Talismans made with Love for the Good of Humanity

A disc can be your friend and ally. While they can be used for intensive healing work their 1st impression is one of Joy and Awe. 

While we take the use of these discs as Power Tools, adding to your Energetic Toolbox, very seriously; we encourage Joy Bliss & Ecstaticism, for when you're in the presence of a disc you can not be anything less than Happy. -Shari Lynn

Riding the Cosmos has never been easier before~ Cosmic Healing Discs made by and for Starseeds, StarSistars & StarBrothers Everywhere. 

We will even ship to Other Galaxies~ For Free no less. 

Just by simply having your fingers on the edge of the copper rim of the disc creates a positive/negative charge within your own electromagnetic field. Move the Disc over the Field in a Circular Motion to Clear and Direct Healing Energy throughout the Bio-Human Field. 

The Human Bio-Field connects directly to the Physical Body ~ Working within these Subtle Fields can Result in Physical Healing.

The very 1st benefit and immediately felt when holding a disc is that they clear negative thought-forms of all kinds. 

Making you happy with an overwhelming sense of Joy. 

Now You are Ready to Amplify Your Healing, Prayer & Meditational Practice. We are Sure We Have the RIGHT Disc FOR YOU!  

Everything is Energy~ All Energy is Vibration and Frequency. When You are working with a Cosmic Healing Disc You are shielding Yourself from Negative Energy and Your Vibration is Increased assisting in making you a clear channel to manifest your highest desires.

Your handmade Energetically and Loving Attuned Disc is made in a Sacred Space of Positive Energy and an Environment of Pure Unconditional Love. Each disc is created with genuine respect for the energetic frequencies they carry for your personal use.

High Energy stones and Minerals Moldavite, Phenacite and Selenite Slabs are Used to Amplify and attune the Loving Energy of Earth Mother and Higher Dimensional Beings Guidance that are instilled in Your Disc for the soul-purpose of The Highest Good For All Involved.

Cryolite & Jeffrey Quarry Solution Quartz are Actually Embedded in the Copper of Your Discs! 

Just holding a disc clears the way for Bliss to enter your life. 

This technology moves and directs energy throughout the subtle energy bodies that surround everyone. These tools are activated by any light source. 

Simply hold the disc in front of ones energy field and slowly move the disc in a clockwise motion (oscillating good vibes) starting at the feet, working up chakra centers, over the heart, throat and crown chakras to clear the auric field of any debris or blocks, Then move the disc in a counter-clockwise motion back down the chakra system to expand and increase ones energetic field. There is no right or wrong way to use a disc. They are personal pieces that can be used on yourself or others. 

Aside from being your new Best-Friend, this tool will move and direct energy,  

and they are very useful in the following:

  • Gazing into the disc Deepens Meditation
  • Opening the vortexes of Light in Hands to Amplify healing

    LED Light, Sunlight, Strobe or laser lights amp up healing intentions

    Sacred Geometry activates Cellular memories stored in DNA

    They are portals into other dimensions

    Heightening Awareness of Angelic & Spiritual Guides

    Laying the disc on the 3rd Eye to enhance Shamanic & Astral Journeys

    Placing the Disc in a Healing Room Purifies the Space

    Placing a disc on an Altar sets intentions

     Gold Discs attract Wealth & Prosperity

    I am in a state of Prayer and Deep Meditation and Channeling Loving guidance from the 5th Dimension when creating these tools. The Entire process can take days to weeks to complete per disc or Collection. Your Disc has been Energetically attuned for the Highest Evolutionary good for all involved. 

    -God Bless, Shari Lynn

    Your Cosmic Healing Discs are Lovingly Created by Rev. Shari Lynn a Spiritual Teacher, Futurist, Ordained Christian Spiritualist Minister for over 20 years, SoPHIa Gnostic, Andromedan, 3rd Deacon Aquarius, Healer, Certified Shamanic Shapeshifter,

     *Activator of Higher Dimensions*, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Metaphysician and Peace Loving Crystal Maven.

    *~ I Love You ~*

    Reiki Practitioners and Massage therapists find the Discs to be a great asset in assisting with the energeic dispersment of Light and Healing in their practice. Psychic Mediums Love the Angelic Doorway opening them to Higher Levels of Consciousness. When Enhancing Mediation lay down, and place the disc on the body. 

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    ~*~Here is a Recent Review from a Customer We Met at a Show!~*~

    "I walked up to her table and the amount of wonderful energy I felt! There was 1 disc in particular that I was so drawn to, I had never experienced the high vibration & energy before and as I was purchasing it, my hands were just shaking & I felt it in my entire body! I have never had that experience in my life!"

    - Erin Beckes April 25, 2015

    Information of Our Metal Discs & Why You Need Them

    Embedded Gold Discs & Gold Backed Discs:

    Gold Back discs contains Gold Leaf and 23kt gold flake embedded under the copper of the disc. Gold is Masculine and Represents the Sun. Gold attracts Wealth, Happiness and offers a sense of comfort. Very spiritual in its own nature, it is magical and alchemical attuning one to nature and offering protection and healing. Gold is known for purification and balancing of Heart Chakra offering amplification of thought forms while dispelling negativity. Gold facilitates the rebuilding of the nervous system and increases brain function. Gold produces energies that is both cooperative and receptive which makes these discs perfect for working in conjunction with other stones and stone grids. These reflective pieces offer movement throughout ones energetic field simply by reflecting light onto the body off the disc. Gold is said to balance energy fields and is most beneficial opening third eye and crown chakra. This Energy Generator is a remover of blockages and has the power to strengthen, amplify and conduct energy throughout the body for treatment of autism, dyslexia, scoliosis, arthritis, skin cancers, blood disorders, vascular and heart disorders and epilepsy.

    Silver & Silver Backed Discs:

    Silver is Feminine and associated with the Moon, particularly moon goddess. Silver Talismans are used to tap into lunar energies becoming more balanced and in-tune with the moons natural cycles. Silver is reflective and can be used as a mirror to the soul bringing one calm and balance. Silver improves speech bringing an eloquence to ones conversations. Very protective deflecting ill intentions of others and negativity. Associated with water and moon cycles silver helps one to be in flow with the Universe creating a strong connection between the physical and astral bodies as well as awakening psychic and intuitive capacities within oneself. Increases psychic and lucid dream states and is a powerful magical tool to bend energy and create vital energy portals. Medically known for enhancement of production of hormones and regulate glandular functions.

    Copper & Copper Backed Discs:

    The true “Conductor of Energy” Copper balances all Chakra centers including vortex energy in hands and feet. Copper is known for transferring information from the Higher Realms/Dimensions to the conscious and subconscious mind. Copper conducts spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, moving and directing energy throughout energy fields. This is why all discs being moved between energy fields of practitioner and client is amplified and can be intuited empathically to the healing practitioner. Copper also enhances other metal energies like gold and silver. Cleansing, purifying, healing, brings luck and wealth, protection and Love. Copper is ruled by Venus. Healing properties Copper is good for treatment of arthritis, prevents damage to joints, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, erases pain of sciatica and much more! 

    You Have Chosen the Best!

    We Assure that Our Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs are of the Highest Quality and Value in Craftsmanship, Product and Imaging. We Use Only Superior Quality Images that were intended for this Technology. With Several Categories of Discs we are sure you will find a disc perfectly suited for your healing and/or meditational modality and will want to experience several of the discs as you expand your energetic collection of Tools.

    This Technology calls for the Highest Quality in Photographic Imaging, that of Photographic Slides that cannot be printed from a mere laser printer or on a color overhead transparency. We Assure you that Our Transparent Imaging is of the Highest Quality Highest Resolution and DPI available, developed by a Photographer with over 30 years experience. We Guarantee the Highest Resonance, Quality, and Clarity of the Solidified Thought form represented in the Photographic Image thus amplifying the frequency, intention and integrity of the performance of your Healing Tool's Energetic Signature and Performance.

    Your Discs are Energetically Attuned and Charged by Shari Lynn who personally creates these wonderful tools, with 10 Years experience in using this technology We feel it is Important and Critical to get these tools into the hands of All who Loving assist in the Freeing of minds, hearts and souls on this planet at this time.

    Shari is an Activator of Higher Dimensions

    The Nine Dimensions

    Having studied this work, Shari uses this knowledge in the creating and attuning of each disc. Barbara Hand Clow is known for her Books "The Pleiadian Agenda" and "Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions" The Channeled information in these books serves as a Foundation in the work Ms. Lynn is transferring energetically while creating these tools of Light. Understood and transferred the basis of this study greatly assists in the energetic encoding of the discs. We all have access to this Higher Dimensional Information while we are Here in 3rd Dimension. We are Powerful Creators of New Realities, especially when we understand the vibrational frequencies coming in from the Higher Dimensions that take shape and form (blueprinted) in the 6th Dimension, the place of all Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is prevalent throughout the imagery in Cosmic Healing Discs and of course in Nature and throughout the Universe! Making the discs a valuable connection to All That Is in Beauty and Nature. So Be It!

    Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs are Energetically Attuned Quartz Crystal/glass, a photographic transparent image and copper. These Personal Talismans have come into existence today to assist humanity in clearing negative thought forms, protecting ones field and amplifying your life-force/lightbody energy. 

    Throughout human history, mythology and more, these tools of the Demi-Gods can be found.  

    A Valuable Tool in Assisting All of Humanity in Accelerated Healing and Ascension. 

    Note: This Channeled Technology originated in Sedona Arizona by Halley Dearing. Shari Lynn's Personal Teacher and mentor is Greg Plesko whom had studied with Ms. Dearing and perfected the technology. Every Creator of these tools holds a responsibility in the integrity of purpose where Higher dimensional assistance now streaming in Powerful Light Codes to Our Planet. Ms. Lynn holds great respect and honor for her teachers in the use of this technology and she Herself is making advancements taking these tools to New Level of Healing for the assistance of Humanity as well as the precious Animal Kingdom on this extraordinary planet at this Critical time of Existence.

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