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Power Tools for Lightworkers

Meet Shari Lynn at a Show Near You 

Due to CV-19 Many shows are cancelled through most of 2021~ I will be staying somewhat Close to Home doing Small Fairs & Events.
Please Check the "Where to Find Us" Page for Updates

Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs Travels the East Coast and California. Look for us Coming to Your Area and for Future Events. 


The Inter-Galactic Healing Summit Experience in 2020 is coming to Ohio with a Summer Healing Series of Hands-On Participatory Healing and Ceremony. 

Two-Sided Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc


Please Check out This 2 for 1 Double Sided Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc! 

Now to experience the Original Pink shine the light through the Disc with Pink side facing you ....

Simply Flip the Disc 

To Experience the Aquamarine Sophia!

The Original Pink Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc

This mind-blowing healing tool was conceived & birthed by Shari in 2013. It was designed to raise energy vibrations within the body to increase healing potential.

  • Lifts Depression
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Activates the High Heart
  • Restore Balance & Harmony
  • Heals LOVE Trauma
  • Stimulates & Boosts the Immune System
  • Cleanses the Auric Field
  • Lifts Depression
  • Expands Conscious Awareness while leaving you in JOY and BLISS
  • Comes in Original Pink & Aquamarine *NOW IN A 2 SIDED VERSION

3''x5" Hologram Meditation Stations

Spend Hours Being Mesmerized  while Journeying  Deeply into Mediation 

These Holographic Images set in 3x5 inch rectangular beveled glass surrounded in Copper with a Jeffrey Quarry Solution Quartz Embedded at the top of the Piece.

With 18kt Gold and Niobium Jewelry set inside these pieces add more dimension.

 These are all One-of-a Kind and are in very Limited Qty. 

Please check out all the Styles on our BUY NOW Page 

"As Above so Below"

Mending the Broken Relationship between Humanity and the Land. The Philosophers Stone, The Holy Grail. Alchemy Purifying Mind & Body into the Refined Gold of Spirit. Profound Transformation of the Soul. Divine Union

A True Gift from the Lady of Lake, this Beautiful Disc containing a Drop of the Healing Waters of Glastonbury Itself will Assist in the Journey of Self Discovery, Attuning and Amplifying

Psychic Ability & Resolution of Relationships.

                                                                                         AVAILABLE IN 2 DESIGNS!!!! 


I can't tell you how Profound the response of the Instant Lightbody Activation that happens while simply exploring the Energy of the Rainbow Tribe Discs. 

If you have an opportunity to experience them  I personally Guarantee You will Not be Disappointed.

-Shari Lynn 

The Accelerator Disc is a Customer Favorite! 

Accelerator Discs impact the entire nervous system: 
This 23kt Gold backed disc can be used to expand the mental capacity, heighten sensory abilities, soothe the nerves, and improve motor and glandular functions while regenerating nerves in cases where the nervous system has sustained damage. (See Our Testimonials Page)
In progression of this valuable tool; it can be used as well to implement New Holographic Neuro-Network systems to actually
Shift Paradigms and start Thinking Outside-the-Box.  
A paradigm is a belief structure within which you think and act. Existing paradigms can produce tunnel vision and affect your creativity.
A paradigm shift changes your belief structure and your perspective so you see things differently and creatively. 
Available in 3 Inch




The Pleiadean Portal Pairs are used to find, identify and clear all types of trauma associated with past-life, which are generally blocked mentally. Revealing the Karmic Conditions of these traumas allows for the Block to be cleared. Even if the block is not ready to be cleared, careful use of the discs can generally alleviate some of this stress. 

The Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc Pendant

"Taking Joy with You"

  • Lifts Depression
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Activates the High Heart
  • Comes in Original Pink & Aquamarine


This energy is much needed at this time on the Planet. 

The White Buffalo signifies the 2nd Coming of Christ. Let's keep Sacred the Sacred.

2 inch Talisman Discs

"A Secret Weapon in Your Pocket"

Choose from Sri-Yantra, Metatron's Cube, Flower of Life, OM, Torus or Seed of Life

Attracts wealth and works on the central nervous system. 

18kt Gold Seed of Life over Expansion Flower of Life 

These High Energy 6 inch discs have an 18kt Gold Seed of Life Embedded atop the Exclusive Expansion Flower of life Image. 

Gold attracts Wealth and Abundance. 

  • Use this Disc as you would a 3 inch disc to move and direct energy throughout the Subtle Bodies Surrounding You. 
  • Crystal Grid
  • High Powered Pendulum work

The Metals

Using a Gold Backed Healing Disc is Beneficial to all Chakras and is a Fantastic Balancer of the Heart Chakra. Gold Stimulates the Pineal and Pituitary glands and Opens and balances the 3rd Eye Chakra. By Balancing the Electrical System of the Brain while aligning the subtle bodies, Gold brings on Spiritual Visions, Thought Amplification, Deep Meditation Creative Visualization, Telepathy and Profound Channeling! Use Gold to see into the Past. It Can also Draw Negative Forces  from the body and Eliminate such negative psychological states. Gold aligns the Spine and promotes healing and regeneration of heart & muscle tissues, nervous system, skeletal structure, skin, immune system and chromosomes.   Use Gold for Vitality, Purification, it affects all Meridians, Left Brain Yang. 

Amplifies Wealth & Prosperity. Offering Alchemical Healing on a Bio-Cellular Level. Known for healing of the Nervous System. Be an Alchemist; providing higher insights into Individuation thus solidifying Personal Transcendence; the ability to go above or beyond the normal or mere human physical experience. The Gold and the Crystal Quartz contained in the Glass itself in this Disc is Amplified by the conductor of Copper surrounding it.

The Crystal Key 

We  have Embedded within the copper rim of your disc a tiny double-terminated water clear micro Jeffrey Quarry Solutions Quart crystal! 

Amplifying the Energy  within Your Own Field  Making Your Tool capable of Directional Long Distance Healing.

these little crystals are heralded as One of  the most potent crystals of our Time !

Use Your 6 Inch Disc as a Layout for Crystal Grids! 

We have Moldavite & Phenacite for a Power Packing and Expansive Energy Grid to  amp up your Healing and Manifestation Intentions.