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✨NEW✨ High Heart Activator Turquoise Gel included Dance of Venus with Niobium Butterfly

This New Disc Inspired by St. Hilarion

Keynote : To bring balance within the heart through the process of purification.

A sense of spaciousness and awareness enables us to expand our view to the perspective of others, to see that which we had not previously been able to see from our own perspective.

Someone who is Rediscovering that which had been put on a shelf, forgotten and moving on to discover what lies ahead; the way, the truth and the Light.

Issues that may need to be addressed : There may be a need to work on the feelings of frustration; holding on to confusion, separation or deceit. The person may like arguing and relishes conflict. An impetuous person who is in a continual state of anticipation, which prevents them from being in the present.

18kt Dance of Venus Turquoise Gel Full Spectrum

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