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The Mother of Creation!The Symbol that Births the Flower of Life & All 5 Platonic Solids on the Stunning Dichroic Color Shift with Full Spectrum~ These Tools of Light & Frequency are Assisting Humanity to Take Their Healing Into their Own Hands! Dichroic Glass is aiding in releasing trapped Emotional blocks, allowing you to Gently Go into the emotional triggers to Release them and return to Balanced Emotions. Dichroic Takes One quickly into the Spiritual Light to access Deep Meditation~ It is know to Keep you intune to the Moon~ Is a Hormonal Balancer~ A womb HealerAmplified Healing to Activate the Lightbody and bring one into alignment within the Divine Axis Tube of Light connecting One Quickly and Gently to the Higher,Higher, Higher Self while being Grounded into the Heart of Pachamama (Sophia) making it easier to release Emotional, pastlife, sexual and/or love traumas. Spinning the source of Dis-Ease from the Bio-Human Field.

3" 18kt Gold 64 Star Tetrahedron Dichroic Full Spectrum

$130.00 Regular Price
$117.00Sale Price
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