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18kt Gold Torus Dichroic Full Spectrum MWO Healing Technology~

Dichroic is a Color Shifting High Frequency Light Sensor, moving Light through the meridian’s of the Lightbody making them Powerful Kundalini Activators~

Dichroic also works as a womb healer~ releasing menstrual discomfort

Helping one to let go of emotional trauma, by paying attention to the data sets you are receiving while working with these instruments of Light~

Gold works within the central nervous system so you can easily track the movements within the Bio Field.

These tools are essential in amplifying Awareness of unwanted electrical impulses that are entering the body.~

Vortex Healing Work is Accelerated making it possible to release energetic thoughtforms before they are make manifest in the physical body.

Don’t take our word for it~ Check Them Out for Yourself~* #pleiadeancosmichealingdiscs #lightbody #psynergy #sabrinawallace #protectthefield #dichroic #masterhealer #beyondreiki #healthyself #kundaliniawakening #kundalinirising #advancedhealingtools #theartoffrequency #mwo

6” 18kt Gold Torus Dichroic Full Spectrum

$244.00 Regular Price
$231.80Sale Price
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