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Grow Spiritually in Leaps & Bounds with this Powerful Enlightenment Disc. Sri Yantra is a Vehicle to deepen meditation as well as is a microphone to God. Deepen your connection in a profound way with this special and beautiful disc.The Sri Yantra is an ancient symbol used to deepened meditation. The Sri Yantra is also known for the vibratory frequency of "OM" the universal Vivbration of Creation. This Symbol is for Direct Communication with God Source Energy.The Flower of Life herald as containing Deep Spiritual knowledge bringing Enlightenment to those studying Sacred Geometry. In times of stress or illness the colors of the astral body fade and the connection with physical form becomes intermittent, which causes plummeting emotions, sleep disturbances and more stress. This leads to a downward spiral which can be difficult to escape. These Discs assist in breaking these stressful cycles, repairing damage to the astral body and brightening the astral colors and reconnects the healthy astral body to the physical.  Realigning and reconnecting upper and lower chakra centers of the physical body to then stabalize and come back into a proper state of balance.This Disc, simply put is a Mood Elevator: Easing Depression, Lifts the Spirits, Calms Anger, Decreases Fear and Anxiety while soothing troubled emotions. THESE TWO IMAGES TOGETHER ACT AS A VEHICLE TO TAKE ONE ON A VERY DEEP SPIRITUAL JOURNEY OF SELF-AWARENESS THROUGH ACCESSING HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND MULTIDIMENSIONAL REALITIESA SECRET WEAPON IN YOUR POCKET

Enlightenment Disc Classic

$74.00 Regular Price
$65.86Sale Price
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