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***AMAZING EXPERIENCES HAPPENING WITH THIS DISC!***I SOLD A TESLA DISC TO A YOUNG LADY YEARS AGO AND 3 YEARS LATER SHE CAME AND TOLD ME THAT SHE HAD TAKEN THAT DISC EVERYWHERE WITH HER AND HAD STAYED IN A HOUSE HE HAD ONCE LIVED IN.RECENTLY A WOMAN HAD SEEN HIM STANDING IN A MIRROR THAT THIS DISC WAS SITTING IN FRONT OF AFTER AN INTENSE HEALING SESSION!Nikola Tesla was Light Years ahead of his time in 1891 when he invented the Electrical Resonant Transformer CircuitAll Healing is done through Light & Frequency Take Personal Healing to the Next Level with this High Energy Transformer Disc!Transform Negative Thought forms into Violet Ray Filled Intention for Optimum Personal Healing and Transformation A Unique and ValuableTool for the Serious High Frequency Aware Healing Masters

Be Inspired to Create Your Own Free Energy!!!

Nikola Tesla's Violet Ray Transformer Disc *GOLD*

$111.11 Regular Price
$98.89Sale Price
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