Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs

Power Tools for Lightworkers

Nikola Tesla's Violet Ray Transformer Disc *GOLD*


Nikola Tesla was Light Years ahead of his time in 1891 when he invented the Electrical Resonant Transformer Circuit

All Healing is done through Light & Frequency 

Take Personal Healing to the Next Level with this High Energy Transformer Disc!

Transform Negative Thought forms into Violet Ray Filled Intention for Optimum Personal Healing and Transformation 

A Unique and Valuable Tool for the Serious High Frequency Aware Healing Masters.

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*NEW*  Rainbow Tribe Cosmic Healing Discs

These High Frequency High Vibe Discs 

are quick to activate the Light Body! 

Connecting you to your Higher Higher Higher Self where one can move through the Divine Axis, the Tube of Light with Grace and Ease~ Making this Tool a valuable Ally to stay within the body, keeping you in alignment and protected of any negative outside influences. 

Are You a Rainbow Warrior? 

A Rainbow Warrior is a Warrior of Spirit. 

In the on-going fulfillment of  the Native American prophecies, Intergalactic and Inter-dimensional forces are gathering on this planet at this time to liberate the Planetary Mother Sophia to lift her out of the decay and despair into a New and Glorious realm ruled by the Spirit of Love. 

Join us in Liberation of Life to usher in Kingdom of Light!

Assisting with Ascension & Transformation

*~These Frequency Tools are Personal Energy Magnifiers~*
Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth
Be more In-Tune with Nature
Connect to the Higher, Higher, Higher Self
by clearing negative thought forms; activating the magnetic body with Copper Light Tools
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  • Accelerates Meditation & Healing Work
  • Oscillating Good Energy 
  • Protects One from "Archonic Energies"
  •  Amplifies the Life-Force Energy Around You
  • They Make You Happy 
  • Extra Terrestrial Mood-Enhancer 
  • Harmonizes & Re-distributes Balanced Energies into the Surrounding Area 
  • A Secret Weapon in Your Pocket

The Accelerator Disc 

Neuro-Network Supreme Healing Disc

Accelerator Discs impact the entire nervous system: 
This 23kt Gold backed disc can be used to expand the mental capacity, heighten sensory abilities, soothe the nerves, and improve motor and glandular functions while regenerating nerves in cases where the nervous system has sustained damage. (See Our Testimonials Page)
In progression of this valuable tool; it can be used as well to implement New Holographic Neuro-Network systems to actually
Shift Paradigms and start Thinking Outside-the-Box.  
A paradigm is a belief structure within which you think and act. Existing paradigms can produce tunnel vision and affect your creativity.
A paradigm shift changes your belief structure and your perspective so you see things differently and creatively. 
Available in 3 Inch & 2 Inch Sizes 

An Energetic Gift for Someone with Everything

The Beauty of these Discs Appeal to Everyone

These 6 inch 18kt Gold Embedded Discs are a Beautiful addition to home, office, healing, meditation room or simply display on a Reading table or Personal Altar. 
Gold has been known throughout the ages to attract wealth, happiness, and offers a sense of comfort. Known to purifying and balancing to the heart chakra while offering an amplification of thought forms while dispelling negativity. 
Surrounded in Copper, the truest "Conductor of Energy", Copper balances all Chakra centers and is known for transferring information from the Higher Realms to the conscious and subconscious mind. 

Experience Metatron's Cube in 3D~ Linking You Directly to the 6th Dimension