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Healing with Rainbows The Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc by Shari Lynn

Simply attempting to heal is one thing, but Imagine healing with style, beauty and elegance. This is the mark of an elevated soul that is strongly in touch with higher spiritual dimensions.

Full Spectrum Prismatic Healing is the essence of White Light, Healing with the Sun. The various healing rays omitted from the Full Spectrum Healing tools will quickly energize a faded auric field and pour these vibrant streams of radiant color into the physical and astral bodies. Thus igniting the innate abilities of Human Bio-Field which is linked directly to the Physical Body where healing can take place.

            In a healing session using a Full Spectrum Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Disc, practitioners will open their own crown, hand and heart chakras by oscillating the tool over these areas. Opening the Crown will allow for stronger, purified healing Vibrations to flow down into the physical body. Opening of the heart chakra anchors these prismatic energies to send them flooding into the hands. The meridians in the hands can be amplified by moving the disc in a circular motion over palms of the hands. This will allow for the accumulated energies from the Crown and Heart to pour out of the body in well-balanced, full-spectrum vibratory frequencies.

            To receive these Full-Spectrum frequencies into the Crown hold the Full Spectrum Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Disc 6 inches above the head and allow the rainbows to be thrown down toward the top of your head. If it a Sunny day we recommend using the Sun to provide a flood of the Rainbow Frequencies into your field. This can also be done through a window, with an LED flashlight or an overhead light source.  Slowly breathe the rainbow light in through the crown chakra, breathe in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, concentrate on feeling the rainbow light from the crown chakra entering your body and filling your body all the way to the toes. After about two minutes move the Full Spectrum Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Disc to the Heart chakra, turn the disc so the color rays are splashed across the chest and breathe the energy into the heart center for another two minutes.

Next, hold the disc to the palm of the left hand allowing the light to illuminate the color rays into the right palm. Oscillate the disc for the color rays to move about on the palm.

  Then change hands and allow the same for your left hand as you slowly breathe the colors in to fill the body from the powerful healing energy vortexes of the hands. Now you are ready to proceed with your healing work, filled with the healing frequencies of entire light spectrum.

            Trust your intuition when using the Full Spectrum Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs, the energy and frequencies of the light coming into the field knows where to go for an optimum healing experience. Once these frequencies are flowing within the body the discs can be laid on various parts or energy centers of the body.

Joyfully use your imagination to increase the flow and range of your healing sessions. Explore adding crystals, tuning forks, essential oils, pendulums and of course other Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs or tools that reside in your healing toolbox. 

When ending a healing session and possible, take your client outside with the Full Spectrum Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Disc and direct the full spectrum light into his/her solar plexus to energize the astral body. Move the disc to the navel chakra for grounding, to the heart chakra to invigorate the physical body, and to the crown to stimulate flow of spiritual energies.

If there are any residual energies that are being felt in the body give it a dose of Light as well. We also recommend using the disc over the back of the body to fill with White Light and close off any area where past-life, love or emotional traumas were released during the session.

Healers who are familiar with working within the vortices of light within the field will find using the Full Spectrum Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Disc is an excellent way to purify your client and tune their vibrations quickly and easily. Making this tool a Powerful ally for all healing practitioners, especially where Reiki  energy healing centralizes on the Green Healing Ray, the frequency of the entire Light Spectrum is in the palm of your hand.

These suggestions can be used with Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc or any of the other Full Spectrum Healing Disc Selections including Dichroic Rainbow Tribe or Spectro Chrome Included Discs .


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