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Powerful Tools of Light: Angelic Technology How to Use these Tools

            Using these tools brought here from the Angelic Realms, the finer planes, is an opportunity to use these inspired instruments to excel in technologies which will lead to us make huge leaps and bounds within what can be a very dense physical dimension, to finally heal mentally, emotionally and physically at an accelerated pace. 

            Light is the medium used to transfer spiritual energy into the discs, light is vital in transferring the energy into the user’s auric field. Most people will feel the energy come into their field very quickly when light is filtered through the disc.


When demonstrating the different discs to our clients we have found that having them relax and breathe in through the nose and out the mouth;

As a practitioner, when you have your fingers on the copper edge of the disc, standing in front of the client, shining the light through the disc onto their field, you will empathically feel the energy move within the clients’ field. A good indication of this is when we suck our breath in; this tells us that the chakras are activated and starting to spin.

When using these tools it is very important to pay close attention

to the data sets you are receiving.

These "bits" of information can be a sudden pain, a thought, an emotion or a vision.

Your client may have an emotional response to a Sophia Full Spectrum Healing disc that centralizes around the High Heart and feel as if they are receiving a Cosmic Hug from the Divine Mother supporting the client as the energy goes to work to allow the releasing of love trauma. In this Human experience we undergo suffering, grief or shame which is a natural part of our experience but are not emotions we should hold as these emotions can hold us to trauma bonds .

When using any Pleiadean Cosmic Full Spectrum Healing Disc it is critical to pay attention to thoughts and/or feelings you or your client is experiencing during the session. Paying attention to the data streaming in while using these tools is of the utmost importance. Emotional triggers can take us deeper into and through the multi layers of the bio-human field, this type of healing work can lead us to uncovering the core of the trauma that can lead to dis-ease manifesting in our physical body.

Sessions with a Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc can lead the client to experience a surge of Energy within the Field making them feel as if they are becoming Hot.

You will want to cool off the client if this was to happen. This brings us to the Sister of the Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc, the Aquamarine Sophia.

The Aquamarine Sophia relives stress and anxiety. Where the Original 432hrz Pink Sophia activates the High Heart, the Aquamarine Sophia activates the Wing Chakra, the Back of the High Heart. You feel the energy as you switch out the Discs. The Aquamarine Sophia will have a cooling sensation and the shift in energy can be felt in the throat chakra as well, making it very good for the thyroid. Asking Spirit to show you your clients Wings is a beautiful, informative experience. Be Open to receive and to see this message, it is always powerful and relatable.

We recommend if you are using your Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Discs on Clients, Family members, friends or even animals that you get to know both the Original Sophia and her Sister/Brother the Aquamarine Sophia, which is why the Incredible Double Sided Sophia Disc came into existence the clouds parted and the Angels Sang!

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