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Delicious Dichroic or Honey Yellow Spectro Chrome Full Spectrum Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs18kt Gold Bee Venusian Beauties~*Pictures do Not do them Justice!YELLOW- Opens Navel Chakra, relieves stress crippling dis-ease, stimulates neuromuscular system, tissue, lymphatic system, pancreas, stomach, Fights DepressionDICHROICDichroic Glass is a Beautiful Addition to Our Healing Tools!  Dive Deeply into this Spiritual Light, a frequency to experience a deep meditative state.Clearing and Activating Crown, Third Eye and Etheric Chakras. Healers Believe these Energetically Resonate deep within the body. Wearing these pendants Stimulate Creative Visualization. Very Feminine with charm of the Angels and the Moon.  THIS COMBINATION OPENS A PORTAL TO EASILY AND QUICKLY RELEASE EMOTIONAL TRAUMA HELD WITHIN THE FIELD.  ALLOWING EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS TO COME TO THE SURFACE, BE IT YOURSELF OR YOUR CLIENTS WILL TAKE YOUR HEALING WORK TO GREAT HEIGHTS.

2" Bee (Choose) Dichroic or Honey Gel

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