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2 IN 1 The Sophia Full spectrum Healing Disc containing the Aquamarine & High Heart activating Original Sophia Gels! Now to experience the Original Pink shine the light through the Disc with Pink side recieving the Light and with the Blue side facing the Body then...  Simply Flip the Disc And Experience the Aquamarine Sophia! This Disc has been blowing the minds of my Clients at Shows and here at home! It is Brand New and I would like to Hear your Experiences while using this Stunning Healing Tool!  PLEASE READ THE DISCRIPTIONS OF THE SOPHIA DISCS LISTED ON THIS PAGE.***Honorable Mention***There are some lovely ladies in Canada that have been testing the effects of the Sophia Discs with a Rife Machine, before and after using the disc and wearing them. They Believe that the Sophia discs are protection against Virus/Vax Shedding. Thank You Donna for your support and work you are doing for Humanity with these Tools. You are Appreciated!

Double Sided Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc

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