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MANY OF US BELIEVE WE HAVE SPENT TIME ON VENUS IN PREVIOUS LIFETIMES.VENUSIANS HAVE BEEN VISITING THE PLANET EARTH TO HELP HUMANITY FOR 100'S IF NOT THOUSANDS OF YEARS. THEIR TRULY LOVING NATURE IS INSPIRING. Connect Deeply to the Divine Feminine and the Venusians while using this Beautiful Healing Tool.  Venusians are High Spirited Love Based Individuals Sent here to Spread a Message of Love for Humanity Embracing the Experience of being Incarnated in a Human Body which is Exclusive to this Planet.It is My Hope that this disc brings Healing to those that had left Venus to Incarnate Here to Experience the Beauty of Earth and it's Unique Experiences it offers to the Evolution of the Soul. This disc was Created and Premiered at The Mt. Shasta Summer Conference 2020 through Shari Lynn

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