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MADE TO ORDERUPGRADE Your Tools with this NEW Disc Profound Aquamarine Sophia Full Spectrum Healing Disc Technology Now with Gold and Dichroic Healing Properties!The Aquamarine Sophia quickly Relieves Stress and Anxiety~ This disc also works well at activating and opening the 5th, 6th and 8th Chakras Also works on Hypo Thyroid Issues as well as Auto Immune disorders.  What we have found is that the Dichroic added to the Full Spectrum Material Seems toopen a Portal to Relaese Emotional Trauma Healing with Ease and Quickly!  The Addition of the Dichroic Material to the Healing Tools have Once Again Amp'd Up the Healing of Trauma EXPOTENIALLY  A New MUST HAVE DISC!

UPGRADED Aquamarine Sophia FullSpectrum Healing Disc with Dichroic 18kt Gold

$144.44 Regular Price
$128.55Sale Price
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