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Isle of Avalon Sacred Waters Divine Feminine Healing Disc (Blue)

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This Blue Disc is Very Powerful at the 3rd Eye Chakra. Intutition and Insight psychically is very enhanced through the use of this disc. Excellect choice for anyone working on Psychic Development as well as Unity consciousness. All of this with a very calming energy. Extrordinary 

"As Above so Below"

Mending the Broken Relationship between Humanity and the Land. The Philosophers Stone, The Holy Grail. Alchemy Purifying Mind & Body into the Refined Gold of Spirit. Profound Transformation of the Soul. Divine Union

A True Gift from the Lady of Lake, this Beautiful Disc containing a Drop of the Healing Waters of Glastonbury Itself will Assist in the Journey of Self Discovery, Attuning and Amplifying Psychic Ability & Resolution of Relationships.


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